Supported Fiat & Crypto Currencies by Paywong

3 min readNov 17, 2022

Fiat Currencies

At Paywong we understand the importance of having flexibility and a choice of currencies when doing a transaction. For merchants, it is important to display their desired fiat currencies upon checkout in their online stores and Paywong has made it easy for them. Merchants just need to choose which Fiat currency they wish to display from their merchant dashboard to show what is displayed when their customers check out:

To make it convenient for merchants Paywong currently helps convert the following currencies to be displayed in their online stores:

We will be continuously adding more fiat currencies onto the list based on merchants' requests.


In order to ensure a great customer checkout experience and convenience, Paywong supports over 70 major cryptocurrencies. Almost all Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins like USDT and USDC, can be accepted, including several others on the main networks. Merchants have the flexibility to choose which cryptocurrencies to accept in their online stores and can do so easily by selecting it on the merchant dashboard. The table highlights the main cryptocurrencies which Paywong accepts currently (click here for the whole list)

About Paywong

Paywong recently launched a payment gateway with features including an easy-to-use dashboard for managing funds, e-commerce integrations, and an invoicing system that helps generate a payment link that any individual can share. Request a demo to learn more, and you’ll soon be accepting cryptocurrency as payment from your customers.

Visit the official website as well as the Twitter, Linkedin, and Telegram channels to learn more and stay connected.

About The Company

Paywong is a product of Walawong Solutions Pte Ltd — a Web3 startup based in Singapore. We are on a mission to simplify crypto payments for businesses by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.


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