Paywong Partners with Rent A Pot

3 min readDec 13, 2022


We are delighted to announce a new partnership between Paywong and Rent A Pot! Customers of Rent A Pot will be able to pay for their purchases using Paywong’s crypto payment gateway as a result of this new collaboration. Customers can be sure that their transactions are private and secure thanks to Paywong’s non-custodial payment gateway which ensures real-time payment and settlement. This partnership is an ideal next step for both companies as they strive to provide the best user experience and value through their services which will benefit both Paywong and Rent A Pot customers.

About Rent A Pot (“RAP”)

RAP provides a one-stop solution for plants, pots, and even fountain displays for events and office spaces. They have been the preferred rental plant provider for architects, interior designers, corporations, government agencies, and event planners since 1982. Offering a variety of services, RAP has been transforming offices and commercial interior spaces with lush greenery and botanicals for their customers and visitors.

Their plant rental service for offices and businesses is inclusive of plant care and maintenance, professional interior and exterior landscape design, as well as wedding and event decoration. With a variety of packages, offers, and quality indoor plants to choose from, customers can rent or buy plants from them to create an ideal working environment for both businesses and their customers.

Another popular service is landscaping where their expertise has been featured in numerous home magazines and newspapers. They take pride in their innovative landscape and garden designs, which incorporate natural elements, gardening trends, and breezy botanicals like their potted lady palm and anthurium tabletop plants. RAP also offers garden maintenance services, where they help keep gardens well-manicured and looking at their best all year round. They also provide customers with a selection of plants and gardening supplies to make their customers’ spaces look their best-using nature.

About Paywong

With Paywong, anyone can accept crypto payments, including stablecoins, from anywhere in the world with low transaction fees, with or without a website. The startup is also working with a third-party off-ramp solution to allow its users to convert crypto to fiat in real-time. Paywong is a non-custodial crypto payment gateway that provides merchant services for businesses catering to all customers. In addition, Paywong is also useful for individuals who are working as freelancers and want to get paid for their services in crypto via Paywong’s crypto invoicing service.

Paywong has launched a payment gateway with an intuitive dashboard for managing funds, e-commerce integrations, and an invoicing system that generates a payment link that anyone can share. Book a demo to learn more, and you’ll be accepting cryptocurrency as payment from your customers in no time.

For more details and updates, check out the official website as well as Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram portals.

About The Company

Paywong is a product of Walawong Solutions Pte Ltd — a Web3 startup based in Singapore. We are on a mission to simplify crypto payments for businesses by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.


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