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3 min readMar 22, 2023

We are thrilled to announce a partnership between Paywong and LINK! Crypto users in Africa will be able to replace traditional financial infrastructure with faster, better, and cheaper stablecoin rails alongside Paywong’s crypto payment gateway as a result of this brand-new collaboration. LINK users can guarantee that their transactions are confidential and safe as Paywong’s non-custodial payment gateway ensures real-time, secure payments. Paywong will be supporting LINK stablecoin solutions for users on the continent leveraging NGNC and its API capabilities on Paywong payment gateways for Naira on/off ramps (deposits and withdrawals)

In addition to that, Paywong will also be offering a 1:1 Naira off-ramp solution for Nigerian merchants powered by LINK. Paywong will be looking to launch this feature sometime this year in 2023.

This partnership will enable Paywong to expand its customer base to Africa whilst merchants can benefit from the stability and reliability of real-time local payments provided by LINK.

About Link

LINK is a web3 cross-border payments infrastructure provider in Africa leveraging blockchain technology that enables secure peer-to-peer transactions bridging tradefi and defi rails on the continent. The platform is designed to provide a fast, secure, and cost-effective way to transfer funds, particularly for individuals and businesses in Africa.

About Paywong

With Paywong, anyone can accept crypto payments, including stablecoins, from anywhere in the world with low transaction fees, with or without a website. The startup is also working with a third-party off-ramp solution to allow its users to convert crypto to fiat in real-time. Paywong is a non-custodial crypto payment gateway that provides merchant services for businesses that cater to all kinds of customers. In addition, Paywong is also useful for individuals who are working as freelancers and want to get paid for their services in crypto via Paywong’s crypto invoicing service.

Paywong has launched a payment gateway that comes with an intuitive dashboard for managing funds, e-commerce integrations, and an invoicing system that generates a payment link that anyone can share. Book a demo to learn more, and you’ll be accepting cryptocurrency as payment from your customers in no time.

For more details and updates, check out the official website as well as Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram portals.

About The Company

Paywong is a product of Walawong Solutions Pte Ltd — a Web3 startup based in Singapore. We are on a mission to simplify crypto payments for businesses by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.


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